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COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITIESOpportunity #1) Essential Oils + X Factor: Contribute essential oils whole life wellness e-course content on our Heart Scents Wellness web and mobile app platform. In exchange, you agree to send 3 launch emails to your email list promoting the web and mobile app community. Connect to the heart of wellness by clicking on the PINK HEART icon.Opportunity #2) Quantum Frequency + X Factor: Conscious entrepreneurs with expertise in personal wellness, business, and financial coaching are invited to contribute webinars and e-courses to The Evolved Healer web and mobile app community and to our partner Wise Life World web and mobile app community. Partner with us in our expert communities offering your branded programs to complement personalized quantum frequency applications for enhanced growth. Featuring Healy - our favorite personal wellness, energy, and success coach in our pocket accessible 24/7, the German smart wearable individualized quantum frequencies mobile app platform empowering both wellness and business success. Click on the GOLD KEY icon to learn how Healy offers the keys to manifesting vitality, abundance and soul alignment!Opportunity #3) Angela is available to speak on the following topics: 1. The Evolved Wealthy Healer - 3 Tricky Truths Even Successful Wellness Practitioners Miss That Put Themselves (and their families) in Financial Risk; 2. Change Your Vibe: Leveraging Essential Oils Frequency to Magnetize Success.Opportunity #4) Mastermind with like-minded wellness practitioners and coaches at the Wellness Collaboration Network.